• Welcome To The Book Yourself Solid
    Mentoring Program With Michael Port

    You’ll work with Michael and his team all month every month ... for as long as you need our help. You’ll get coached on the phone eight times a month, you'll get access to our active networking and support forums and you'll immediately start to work on the Book Yourself Solid Online Training Programs.

    Success is not built in an instant. It’s earned over time. Serious people know this. Give us your time and we’ll get you on track and help you reach your destination.

    Book Yourself Solid focuses exclusively on client-attraction. It’s for you if you’re just getting started and/or need to fill your agenda with the most ideal clients. You’ll identify your target market and how to reach them, build your personal brand identity, develop your sales cycle, be perceived as an expert in your field and execute on the most effective marketing and sales you’ll ever need so that you get booked solid.